[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Missive

Caerell MacDomnaill caerell at charter.net
Mon Mar 17 18:33:43 PDT 2008

Yes I did win the Gleann Abhann Laurells Favorite and the Populace Vote...a 
basket of Cotton and Wool, a string of  beads, and a bone handled knife from 
Europe from the Laurels, and a silver box with a string of amber in it for 
the populace win...Of Course Aingeal claimed all but the knife... :)

And in the Rose tourney, I was put out in the 5th round...but not before I 
was victorious over the two champions of Princess Rose of Trimaris.

Over all it was a ver fun War and I learned alot for a Laurel from Trimaris 
about carving bone.


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