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I have discussed this with Baroness Kathryn and my
husband Duncan de
 Bard (aka Robert Wilson) and myself Christianna (aka
Liz of Flower Mound)
 would like to form a woodworking group (not really a
guild at present,
 more of a loose working association) to meet one
Sunday a month at 2
 pm (or whenever you can make it after that time). 
While we could
 possibly meet on Saturdays instead so as not to
conflict with fighter
 practice, that would probably conflict with events,
and we need to do it on
 the weekend.  But we can be flexible.   We probably
wouldn't "teach"
 formal classes, just see what people are interested
in and try to give them
 hands on experience and time to work on their
projects.  My husband is
 an intermediate woodworker but has not had time to do
much woodworking
 over the last year and had shoulder surgery last
spring, so he would
 like to "get back into it."  He reads a lot and has a
lot of
 publications, especially magazines, about woodworking
and mundane projects.  W
 e could eventually make this a guild IF we could be
and find some
 qualified teachers.

We have a small lathe, a biscuit joiner, a table saw,
a drill press, a
 router,  that thing you cut moulding with (I can't
remember the name)
 and other woodworking equipment.  My lord husband
could tell you more
 but he is laid up with an inner ear virus at present
and I need to get
 him on the list.  After that little problem clears up
and he gets the tax
 return filed, we will turn to cleaning up our wood
area of our garage,
 which should be doable in one Saturday or Sunday
afternoon (here's
 hoping anyway).  The garage is cluttered but it is
usable and we can park
 in it, so it doesn't look like the one in Charlie
Brown's Thanksgiving
 or anything.  People would bring their own wood,
stains, etc.  They
 could bring their own hand tools and use ours.  They
would need to bring
 their own safety equipment (goggles, ear protection)
if possible, and we
 would prefer that they use it even though it's not
period.  They could
 work on smaller lathe type projects or they could
work on furnitur
 e, etc.  If they needed to leave things overnight or
for the next
 month that would probably be OK as long as we could
still park one vehicle
 in the garage if there was a hailstorm or something. 
The woodworking
 is open to anyone 18 or older or 12 and older if
accompanied AT ALL
 TIMES by an adult who can assist them.  Children
under 12 could play inside
 or in the backyard with my children (two girls age 8)
but I would
 strongly appreciate it if another parent (not the
woodworker) could stay
 and help with those children, at least part of the
time.  We can visit
 inside or out if we are not doing woodwork, and
people could bring other
 projects.   I'm not really a woodworker--I'd like to
try it but I have
 to supervise my kids and keep them out of everyone's
hair. We have a
 good sized back yard with no flower beds but a
swingset (due to allergies
 we have elected to have the worst looking backyard
from a landscaping
 perspective that you ever saw).  We also have a
decent sized upstai
 rs playroom if it is hot and a variety of toys for
children, although
 most are for girls.  Since woodworking projects can
take a long time
 and make a big mess, people would be welcome to bring
their own meat or
 food and cook on our gas grill for dinner around
sixish.  We would like
 people with younger children to leave by  about 7:30
to 8 pm so I can
 get my girls to bed (it's a school night) but we
could be more flexible
 about the folks in the garage.  Beer, wine and spirit
drinking etc.
 within reasonable limits would be OK (but not too
much if you are
 woodworking) and swearing should be avoided if at all
possible because of the
 presence of the young ones (although if they aren't
in the garage area,
 have at it, we are not easily offended). Excessive
rowdiness outside is
 discouraged because we live in a conservative
subdivision, not in the
 country.   If you are interested in participating in
this, perhaps
 starting in May the weekend before Warlord or
something, please email m
 e off list.  Let us know what type of projects you
would like to make
 too.  If anyone from Glaslyn or Lindenwood or Elfsea
is interested,
  would the listmasters please  forward this post as
all are welcome!

Happy Easter and excuse the length of this post.  I
guess I better go
 get ready for church now.

Yours in service,  Christianna (aka Liz of Flower


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