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So, that's how many yards of fabric for an apron?


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When: March 25, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Where: the home of Mistress Caterina  Fregoso

Map to location: Yahoo map link  is


The  Fiber Arts and Needleworkers' Guild is a gathering of folks to share 
their  mutual interest in all things related to the Fiber Arts.  This first  
meeting is an open project night and discussion of future group activities,  
classes, and workshops.  Please bring anything that you are working on  currently, 
or any project with which you might need help or input.

We will be starting Viking tunics and  Hangeroks (aprons).  These tunics are  
unisex, so gentlemen, you can bring your fabric if you  wish to make one.  
Supplies needed are:  the same amount of fabric  that you would use for a tee 
tunic (3-4 yards) of linen, linen-look blends,  wool, etc.; pins; chalk; 
scissors, thread; measuring tape; any trim that is  suitable for Viking clothing.  
For the hangerok, the amount of fabric will  be approximately 1 1/2 times your 
bust measurement and trim or yarn for the  straps.  Anyone who doesn't wish to 
make a Viking tunic or hangerok, please  feel free to come anyway--just bring 
what ever you're working on, or pitch in to  help someone else.  Please 
download a copy of whatever you are wanting to  make from the websites that I sent 
to the list.  They are:  
_Viking Apron Dress by  Vigdís_ 
_Viking / Norse  Underdress_ 
_The  Vikings!_ 

For the needle cases, please bring any suitable fabric scraps that are  large 
enough to cover a needle case, plastic canvas, yarn, ribbon, or trim  scraps 
that you might have lying around.  Also, if you have any odd or  interesting 
buttons that aren't being used for anything else, bring those,  too.  I have 
made up a couple of prototypes so that you can see what they  look like.  If 
anyone wants to get fancy and bead or embroider a couple to  give away to 
whomever presides over Lughnasad court, that would be great.  I have tons of beads 
and pearls here at the house. 

Wearing garb is not required--it is easier to wear loose modern  clothes.

For more info contact the Mistress Caterina at  817-423-4807

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