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Sluggy! sluggy9912 at swbell.net
Tue Mar 25 17:48:59 PDT 2008

--- Anna Floyd <amacfer1066 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I know some of you are wondering what is going  on
> with Sarah to put her out of the game for a while.

Ouchie, for sure! Godspeed...

My wreck several years ago was amazingly non-serious,
considering that I did hit the fender of an errant car
and was tossed over the hood. Four stitches where my
shin hit the fender and some really sore ribs from the
landing. It was winter time (a Friday in January) and
I was bundled up for the cold ride home, so I kept all
my skin. My bike did enough damage to their car that
it had to be towed. I rode the bike home (granted,
with bent handlebars) from the impound lot the
following Monday afternoon.

Of course, the rider in me wants to know what bike she
got and how it faired in the excursion...

Slu, er, Robartach!


"The idea that unicycling is intrinsically funny does not explain the findings." Professor Sam Shuster.

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