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I hope your recovery goes well,please take good care of yourself.

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I know some of you are wondering what is going on with Sarah to put her out of the game for a while. With her permission. I have been authorized to let you know. Sunday Sarah was in an accident with her brand new motorcycle she got the day before. There were no other vehicles involved. She lost control. This resulted in a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle.She had surgery yesterday and now has a plate and 2 screws in her leg. She is being dismissed from the hospital this evening but will be going to Bear's parents house for a couple of weeks. Home health care will be coming there to help her. The leg is in a splint as it is to swollen to put in a cast. She has her cell phone with her so you can reach her if you want.Please respect his parents and don't call her before 9AM or after 9 PM
Anna Mac Fergus

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