[Loch-Ruadh] Corn; was Needleworkers tonight

Chris Harper bice at backroadsoftexas.com
Wed May 14 12:51:19 PDT 2008

I know I can always count on you three guys to have a good comeback.
At least Polydore is at work.
If you have never cut corn off a cob with a knife, you can't imagine how far
it will fly.  I do have a cob cutter but I don't like to use it.  And, since
my dog thinks something good is in the making anytime I am in the kitchen,
he is usually between my feet.  With his face that close and turned up at
me, he got a pretty good coating of corn.  But I did put about 2 quarts of
corn and a pint of cream and pulp in the freezer.  I'll think about you all
and your smart remarks when I am eating all that good stuff. :)


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Why is your dog in the freezer?  Are you practicing cryogenics without a
license?  And wouldn't it be more sanitary to put the corn in freezer bags
instead of sticking it on your dog?


Maybe she's making a corn-dog.


I think you may be doing it wrong....


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