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CL Nurmi cnurmi at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 26 08:55:11 PDT 2008

My Lord Terrence & his Lady Chantel
  Congratulations on your 1st. Wedding Ann.
  Glad the gate is going so well
  Do we have pics on all this you have accomplished yet,I bet The Grand Ho ha will be greatly pleased ,Vi vat
  Lady Constance

Terry Sikes <tdsikes at prodigy.net> wrote:
  Chantel said to say thank you very much for the
anniversary well wishes!

I'm sure we will hear some stories and maybe even a
song from the gate trip. Overall I am pleased with
the gate and what we got done. The upright columns of
the gate are completely done, I guess you would say,
but I am sure we need some touch up around the doors
and up in the corners. Some of the burlap pieces
really need a 2nd coat of concrete.

The cross piece top and sides are completely covered
in concrete, but needs something extra to waterproof
the top and needs a 2nd coat of concrete all around. 
The bottom of the cross piece is covered with burlap
and needs to be covered with concrete.

The sign is hung and really, really looks great. I
tip my hat to Padraig and Alric for routing, painting
the letters, and putting on the wood preservative, and
also to Kaz and Antonia for donating the board.

All in all we got a lot of work done in the heat and
humidity of Lumberton and I want to thank everyone
that went, including Kaz and Antonia's daughters, who
braved dripping cement in their hair to hand up pieces
of burlap, and even Mario, who kept us constantly

As far as what work we still need to do, I will be
willing to discuss that to anyone interested and have
detailed pictures.


--- Dana wrote:

> Glad to hear you are home safe from the Gate trip.
> Are there any tales to be
> told and were any songs written?
> Congratulations Terrence and Chantel on your first
> anniversary.
> Chantel you are a remarkable woman for putting up
> with all Terrence does for
> the Shire, thank you for sharing.
> Gruffydd wrote:
> I am home from the gate trip Arrived home at 4:30AM.
> We got the gate
> completely covered. It still need some mortar work
> done to complete it.
> Gruffydd
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