[Loch-Ruadh] April Populace Meeting Notes

Loch Ruadh Seneschal lochruadhseneschal at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 19:04:05 PDT 2009

April Populace 2009
Gulf Wars:
Hard and fast rules:
The number of people early on will be reduced to 125. If you
are early on, you must help set up site. Deadline for early on is Jan 1, 2010. The maximum is
3 cars and 5 adults. We must have a primary land coordinator. This is a 3-5
year commitment, and must attend War and be early on.
Aingeal was voted in as Land Coordinator.
 Cat was voted in as Kitchen Coordinator.
Terrence was voted in as Camp Coordinator.
Wendy got invited to be a silent herald for War next year.
The more volunteer hours we have, the better off we will be.
 4 hours of volunteerism per adult on permanent land is under
consideration if volunteerism is not increasing.
The 225 sq ft per person will be enforced.
Dragonsfire Tor wants to go in with us on Yule, with a 50/50
split on outlay and profits, excluding the raffle. Our portion would be approx
Vote was taken. We will be combining with the Tor on Yule.
Seneschal's office will be open for bids through mid May.
Please contact Brighid if you are interested.
Officer Reports:
Last practice - 3 people.
11 people shot at War.
Practice is this Sunday at 2, Dutch Branch Park.
The first Needleworkers this month was cancelled.
The second one was held March 31, 7 people attended.
The next Needleworkers will be bring your own project.
Caerell entered the open A&S at War.
The Henge was worked on at Gulf War by various members of
the populace.
Vivian made a dozen arrows.
The following people took these classes:
Vivian - Quill Making
Tom - Beekeeping and Box Hinges
Kelly - Soapstone Carving and Pewter Casting
Floria - Medieval Feasts
Kaz's Family - Dance
Aingeal is making a new leine outfit.
There were 13 people at bardic.
April bardic will be at Caterina's.
May bardic TBA.
Thank you to everyone for getting all the Gulf War stuff
The Library will be open Monday at Scribes at 6.
Please send in submissions for the Scarlet Letter by April
20. The more Gulf War stuff, the better.
Beginning balance: $2161.04
Expenses: reimbursed Aingeal for $26.51 for Library stamp.
Balance: $2134.53
If you stand still Dana will stamp you as property of Loch
No report.
One email enquiry. One new person attended Populace.
Knight Marshal
Fighter Practice on Saturday is cancelled due to Defender.
Web Minister
No report.
New Business:
Catrin will be camp coordinator for 30th. Floria will be
Jenny and Cait sent out big thank yous to everyone for being
so wonderful at War.
Bice reminded everyone about the water station she is
manning at the Relay for Life on Friday, 6 pm to 6 am, at Farrington Field. Please dress in garb if you can,
but don't waste time changing clothes because any amount of time you can
volunteer will be appreciated, even if it is only for an hour. If you are
interested, please contact Bice.
 In service,

Seneschal of Loch Ruadh,
Lady Brighid Nic Seward

Loch Ruadh ROCKS!!


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