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Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 13 18:41:41 PDT 2009

Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes, and condolences.
Dad had a stroke back in 2005 that left him with some paralysis on his right side, but was able to regain movement in his facial muscles and some in his right leg and has been walking for the last 4 years with the aid of a walker.  He regained alot of his mental faculties, but has had bouts since then where he forgot where he was and didn't recognize members of the family.
In spite of all of that, my mother has been a saint in taking the best care of him and as a result Dad did not have to go to a rest home or convalescent center.  In the last few months, however, his health had further deteriorated to the point that he could no longer walk and was delusional at times.  My mother was helped by home hospice in taking care of Dad.  In spite of these problems, Mom made sure that he was not in pain or in need of any further care.
Last Thursday Mom was being helped by home hospice after Dad had a difficult night when Mom said that Dad opened his eyes fully and stopped breathing.
Dad was 85 years old, and worked for the MKT Railroad since just after he returned from service in WWII in the Army Air Corp.  He had the unusual distinction (in this day and age) of passing away at the same address where he was born (possibly the same room) in Denison, Texas.  He is survived by my mother, my two sisters, my brother, and myself, and his 8 granchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.
Thank you again to everyone that expressed their condolences.  The funeral service was very nice and well attended and Dad was known and loved and will be missed by a great number of friends and family.
Terrence ad te Syke
akma Terry Sikes

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Terrance - Sorry to hear of your father's passing our thoughts are with you
at this time even though this message is a few days late

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