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Thank you so much, Alric!  Please let me know your attendance and how  the 
meeting went.  I want to make sure that the Kingdom MOaS knows about  all the 
fine artisans and guild members in our fair Shire.  Are you the  guild head, or 
is Padraig?  I am so excited about what you all are  doing!  Please let me 
know if the woodworkers and/or the Bowyers and  Fletchers are meeting, too.  I 
will also need their attendance figures and  a synopsis of their meetings (not 
you personally, Alric, but any of the other  Guild Heads.  Let's show Ansteorra 
what Loch Ruadh is really all  about!!!
Caterina, MOaS
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Greetings all.

I will be putting a Bock beer in the fermenting  tub tonight starting around 
6-ish in hopes it will be ready for GW. (it should  be)

If anyone would like to come  Kibbitz, watch, help etc. please  drop on by.  
That way we can call it a Brewer's Guild Activity  

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