[Loch-Ruadh] Archers, cross posted from Steppes list

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Tue Feb 10 13:37:46 PST 2009

Cross posted from Steppes List.
Greeting Archers,? 
Not getting enough archery to sate that need to fling arrows down 
range?? Wish you could do something about it?? Yeah, us too!? 
Our solution, let's just hold a archery tournament ourselves!? 
You are hereby invited to join us?following the March 8th 2009 
Steppes Archery Practice for our Unofficial Archer's Pot Luck Revel 
& Prize?Tournament sponsored by the Draconian Horde in conjunction 
with participating members of?our local?Arc d' Or.? Come join us for 
a fun filled afternoon of archery contests held in grand fashion!??Test 
your skill against other members of our region's archery community 
for?word fame and?a chance?of?winning the contents of our tournament's 
prize chest!
But wait, we're not just asking archers to come, all are welcome!? We?
invite?our local bards & heralds to come join in, entertain between?the 
contests and help to announce competitors to the line.? Good practice 
for aspiring new bards & heralds to hone their skill and our more 
experienced to have a bit of their own fun.? Not to mention we are 
encouraging our competitors to tip or otherwise reward our medieval 
publicist less their reputations may suffer, wink wink, nudge nudge!
There is no admission fee?the tournament is?free, we just ask you 
to bring something to contribute to our?pot luck and since it's a see 
& be seen affair please attend in garb.? OK, the tournament - if you 
wish to compete bring something to contribute to the prize chest 
(something you would enjoy receiving yourself) and use a bow or 
crossbow that complies with?our?"open" Royal Rounds division.? 
The winner of the contents of the prize chest shall be determined 
by the highest?number of combined contests & persona points 
(yep, you heard right, you can gain up to nine extra points?for 
period persona play).
So bring your pop-ups and/or day pavilions, chairs,?banners and 
compete or otherwise be prepared to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.? ?
Visit with friends and cheer or jeer?our region's archers as they try 
their best to?live up to the boastful introductions they bribed?our 
heralds to give.? Come early and get warmed up during Steppes 
Archery Practice, maybe even get that away score you need for 
the Royal Rounds.
Steppes Archery Practice is at Eastfield College on Motley Dr. 
in Mesquite TX, the archery range is located next to the tennis 
courts.? Parking is available across the street at the far end of 
the Baptist church's parking lot.? Practice?runs from?11AM?to 
1PM.??Our unofficial tournament shall begin at the close of the 
official practice. 
We shall be making more?post & updates?the closer?we get to 
the day of the unofficial tournament.
Please note:? Eastfield is a school and all local & state laws 
do apply...no swords, knives, daggers or other edged ?
weapons, and no alcohol please!?? 

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