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I will bring bleach and the pre-soap pads
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Loch Ruadh Kitchen and Camp Supplies

If there is no Name or Not enough names associated with an item that needs to be transported or provided, please volunteer to carry or provide something for the Camp.  If you reply to me, I will maintain the list of who is volunteering to bring what.   If I have forgotten  an item that is normally taken to war - please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Other open items - Fire Wood.  Last year Fire Wood was $75/cord delivered to the camp.  In the past we have taken up a collection for the purchase of fire wood..  IF every group/individual camping at War with us will contribute $15 we will have enough to purchase at least two cords at last year's prices. Per Gruffydd, last year the shire encampment used almost 2 full cords of wood.

Gruffydd will be publishing the chores list - volunteer early and often - You do not want to be Volun-told!

2 Stock Pots: 

Alric/Fiona (1)


2 Ladles: Each Person/Group Cooking supplies their own serving utensils

2 Long Handled Spoons: Each Person/Group Cooking supplies their own serving utensils

Disposable cutting boards:  Alric

3 Dish Pans: Gruffydd

2 Drink Coolers (water):  Alric

Loch Ruadh First Aid Kit:  Alric


2 packages pre-soaped dish pads:  

3 pot holders: Gruffydd

2 dish towels:  Kat 

Coffee Filter Packs: each coffee drinker brings 1 box

Large Coffee Pots: Gruffydd

Paper Towels:  Kat (2 Rolls)


Bread Knife:  Alric

Paring Knife 

Chefs Knife  

Yard Guard: 

Tea Bags: Not needed in '09, Tea always goes rancid before it is finished

Garbage Bags (3 Boxes Needed):  Alric  - 1 Box (won't need anymore than this)

Sugar: Gruffydd

Trash Can: Gruffydd

Tools For Land Maintenance:

Axe or hatchet: Alric - Hatchet

Personal Rakes:  Individuals to bring their own

Shovel:  Alric

Hose:  Gruffydd

Water Faucet:            Gruffydd

Brass Y connector: (2 NEEDED) (they should be with the water faucet we bring but!)

Stove:  Gruffydd

Buckets for Firepit:  Kelly

We should know by the 7th if there will be a ground fire ban in effect this year.  If there is, HL Aingael and L Caerell will be bringing a fire pit for Shire use.

Fire Extinguisher:  Alric

Citronella: Every person brings 1 Gallon 

Tiki Torches: EACH PERSON should bring 2 to be used around the Camp in addition to their own (More would be nice)

Portable Holes? 

Zip ties and Duct tape: Ask any fighter

Propane Lantern for Kitchen: Alric

4 bottles of propane for Kitchen lantern: Alric - 1

Camp Stove:  Gruffydd

20lb Propane (3 needed):  

Gruffydd -1 , 

Alric - 1 


5x7 Tarp: 

3 Garage Pavilions: 

Alric (1)

Gruffydd (1)


Sheet Walls 18 - Alric

Poles for Walls (36) Kazmirez

EZ Up for Drinks: Not needed in '09

Kitchen Tables (12):

Alric - 3

Gruffydd - 3

Kazmirez - 4


GW Shed pickup date: March 7th at 11am
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