[Loch-Ruadh] February Officers Meeting Notes

Loch Ruadh Seneschal lochruadhseneschal at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 10:47:29 PST 2009

Officer's Meeting February 2009
Gulf War:
Shed load out will be on March 7, 11 am at Aingeal's.
There are 37 people pre-registered to camp on Loch Ruadh
Gruffyd will post kitchen duties list online.
Terrance needs some more people to help him with dinner on
Friday night. If you are interested, please contact Terrance or Gruffyd.
Alric has the preliminary layout for the campsite.
Officer Reports:
Last practice there were seven people. There will be a
practice the beginning of March, but no mid-month practice.
Needleworkers was not held due to the weather.
Scribes was held and scrolls were painted.
Alric and Terrance made 2 boxes.
Bowyers is suspended until after Gulf War.
Woodworkers: There is interest in reviving the guild, will
be discussed further at populace.
Kingdom A&S competition was really amazing.
Prize was awarded to Seawinds.
Will get list and stuff ready for shed load out.
Needs approval for receipt for shed repair. Approval was
voted on and approved.
Send in submissions by Feb 20.
Still have $2182.59. No changes.
Report ready to be signed tonight.
No report.
Working on Scarlet Letter article for newcomers.
Knight Marshal
No report. Fighter Practice will be held tomorrow at
Virtual Scribe
No report.
New Business
Aingeal requested a cash advance from the Gulf War gate fund
of $500.00 for work to be done on the gate. It was voted on and approved. There
is $779.50 left in the fund before the cash advance.
Old Business
Caterina and Ameline wish to thank everyone in the Shire for
their support of their bid on Laurel's
 In service,

Seneschal of Loch Ruadh,
Lady Brighid Nic Seward

Loch Ruadh ROCKS!!


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