[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Coffee

DONALD H MCKINNON gruffydd_vawr at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 12 06:58:04 PDT 2009

Schedule of Camp Duties
       Day                                   Cooking          Policing            Torch Duty
Sunday Alric & Fiona 
Mexican Soup Fay Ducky   
Monday Cait & Family
Vegetable Soup Bronwen Robbie   
Tuesday Kaz & Antoina
Spaghetti Vivian Gruffydd   
Wednesday Gryffydd & Marion
Hot Dogs Constance Ragnar   
Thursday Terrence & Vivian
Hamburger Soup Jenny Heath   
Friday Constance, Browen 
Hamburgers or Hotdogs Kirsten Vigulf   
Saturday Fend for you self day       
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate – 
If you drink coffee please bring one can of the prepackaged filter packs, more it you drink a lot.  We have two large coffee pots available. Non-dairy creamer, sugar and sweet & low will be provided.
Hot water will be available for tea or chocolate for brew as you go.
Cooking - Evening meals should be ready to eat as close to 6 p.m. as possible.
                  Those who cook will clean the utensils they used to make the meal. 
                  (all others will clean up their own mess.)
Policing is a morning duty, which should be completed by 10 AM.  Policing includes making sure all litter is picked up and all mundane items are out of sight.
            If some leaves an over whelming mess contact that person, Alric or Gruffydd,              The person responsible will be required to clean it up.
Torch Duty – fill all shire torches with oil.  Torches can be filled any time but need to be 
                       Completed before dark.
Marion & Gruffydd

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