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I just want to add that we voted to establish the office of Minister of Children for the Shire.  The office is open for application, and will close at Decemeber Populace.  The background check cannot be started until the individual has been appointed by Baroness Ameline..


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October 7th Populace Meeting Notes- If I have missed anything or have incorrect information please feel free to let us know.

Lady Kat the Blackhearted
Shire of Loch Ruadh, Deputy to the Seneschal
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October 7, 2009 Populace Notes

Officers Reports:

Cait gave SCA info to a person at the western show and Marian gave archery information to a woman at the hospital.. 

Archery Marshal: 

Knight Marshal: 
Office is now officially open for bids and will close at the December populace meeting. 

Scarlet Letter deadline is October 20th. 
Office is now open for bids and will close at the December populace meeting. Check with Floria for office requirements and handbook information.

Arts & Sciences: 
There were 11 people at September’s Ceilidh. 
Catrin and Kaz have asked the Scribal Guild to design/paint the Yule revel invitations. 
Caterina will be changing the future format of classes and they will be on non-event Saturdays. But for now there are pottery, tassel making and knotwork classes in the works. 
Titled Artisan will be the first Titled position added at our 2010 event. Please start thinking about regalia ideas.
The webminister will post pictures of the current titled bard regalia for inspiration.
Deadline for the regalia designs will be set at this month’s Officer’s meeting

There is $2057.46 in the bank, no income came in, no funds went out.
Polydore donated $2 cash towards the budget
The proposed budget was modified and approved, it will be printed and signed at Officer’s meeting

Shed clean up has been scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving

The new Lochruadh.org site has been revamped and is up and running. Check it out.
He is working on design ideas for the Yule Revel webpage, send your ideas and/or suggestions

New Business:

Gulf War gate trip:
A date will be scheduled by or at Officer’s meeting this month for the gate trip. 
Gate costs to date have been $2339.95 and there is currently $543.35 in the gate fund. 
Wing wall sponsorship (adopt a post) was discussed and will be brought up in the future as a way for individuals to support the gate project.

We will be having another raffle to raise more gate funds. Wolfie has donated a trailer as a prize and there are still donated items from the last raffle. If you have items you wish to donate PLEASE get them to Kat. 
Tickets will be $1 each or 6 tickets for $5 and Fiona will be in charge of the ticket sales
You do not have to be present to win

Minister of Children (MoC):
The  2 year office of Minister of Children was formed by a vote of the majority. 
Bids for office are now open and will close at the December populace meeting.
The Shire voted to pay for up to TWO names ($20 total) for background checks for the MoC chosen, this money to be paid to Baroness Ameline

MoC Office Notes: 
Baroness Ameline has a yahoo group dedicated to the MoC office, the reports are easy (what worked/what didn’t)
MoC has to be within visual range of any children’s activity
MoC is a deputy position under the Seneschal

Yule Revel:
Catrin spoke about the location & listed coordinators
There will be a dessert meeting THIS SATURDAY at 7pm at the home of Lord Kaz. Any persons interested in Yule revel coordination are invited to attend
The donation or loan of Yule greenery has been asked for
DFT Liason- Ravenger

Award Recommendations!! Yule is only 2 months away!  Please CC copies to our Seneschal when submitting award recommendations to the crown.

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