[Loch-Ruadh] Yule Revel Recap from Populace

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Fri Oct 9 07:18:11 PDT 2009

As discussed at Populace last night, these are the current Yule Revel Details:
Planning Meeting
This Saturday October 10, 2009. This meeting is open to all Shire members interested in participating in the successful production of this event.
7:00 pm dessert meeting
Kaz and Antonia's
8762 Gray Fox Ct
Ft. Worth, TX 76123
Site Info
December 4-6 2009
Site opens Saturday 9:00 AM and Closes Saturday 9:00 PM
Volunteers for Set-up are requested to be on site Friday evening.
Volunteers for Tear-down should be available Saturday night after site closes.
Cabin Reservations can be made by calling 254-897-2321. 
Oakdale Park
1019 NE Barnard St
Glen Rose, TX 76043
There is also a LaQuinta near by.
Invitations: Scribal Guild-Design ideas can we submitted to Mistress Caterina, Kaz, or Catrin; or they can be submitted at October's Officers Meeting when a design will be chosen. Invitations will be painted at November's Scribal Meeting 11/02. The populace is encouraged to join the Guild in this endeavor, as we all know that many hands makes light work. Invitations will be mailed by 11/05.
Pot-Luck: Vivian

Set-up/Tear-down: Terrence and Robbie
Children's Activities: Tegwared and Cait assisted by Melanie and Arianna. Donations of craft grade sheet foam, period carol music/printed songs, and tree decorating items (period style) would be greatly appreciated. Please deliver donations to Tegwared, Cait, Kaz, or Catrin.
Royal Liaison: Caterina- will also set up High Table and put together a gift basket for the royal presence. Donations for this token of our appreciation will be greatly appreciated.  
Web-page: Caerell- If you have ideas or artwork for the Yule pages forward them to Caerell along with permission to publish. These designs/ideas can also be submitted to Kaz or Catrin, or brought to October Officers Meeting where a design will be chosen. In this instance e-format is preferable. Our pages will be linked to that of DFTs for their competitions and vice-versa so that information is readily available to all who seek it out.
Site-Tokens: TJ (DFT) and Floria
DFT Autocrat/Coordinator: Ravenger
Titled Bard Competition: Brigid- Please deliver prize donations to Brigid, Kaz, or Catrin. Padraig will be contacting Vincenzo concerning the pass down harp.
Gate/Troll: Bice
Coffee: Dana
A&S OOPS Competition: Caterina- Please deliver prize donations to Caterina, Kaz, or Catrin
Titled Bard Competition: Format TBD by current Titled-Bard
OOPS Competition: Format as in the past two years
Children's Activities: It has been proposed that there be a one hour session 9:30-10:30 am and a two hour session in the afternoon. Activity possibilities currently include a basic heraldry class using craft foam for the children to create a shield with Arms, rehearsing for and performing a period carol before evening Court, decorating a Yule tree with period style ornaments, and/or period board games. Donations for materials for any or all of these activities will be greatly appreciated. 
Musician's/Performer's "Loft":  An area designated for the Bardic Competition and for bards to perform and play throughout the day. A bard in a box will also be available to play carols through out the day, should we have no musicians to entertain us. Ideas for decorating and setting up this area will be greatly appreciated. It has been suggested that we create a life-sized caroller cut out to place in front of the bard in a box. This will be discussed at the planning meeting.
A Period Gaming Area: While away your idle time challenging friend and foe to various board games. Donations of games and small tables for this activity will be greatly appreciated.
Pot-Luck Feast: This meal format has worked well for DFT and we see no reason to fix what isn't broken. Bring a dish to share that will feed 10-12 persons, and share the culinary delights contributed by others. We will provide tea and/or lemonade for feast. Any donations are greatly appreciated
Toy Drive: It has been suggested by Eleanor that Loch Ruadh participate in the Toys for Tots toy drive. While this is an excellent and worthwhile endeavor, the autocrats feel that we would not be able to do this activity justice in the time remaining to us for this event, and that the effort would be better served if we took up this gauntlet for our 2010 event. This will be discussed at the planning meeting 
DFTs activities will include: Titled Artisan Competition, Raffle, and Table Decorating Contest. Ravenger will coordinate their activities and their populace will staff these activities. Please remember that DFT has hosted this event for many years and know all the best ways to make it work. We urge our coordinators to seek their advice when planning and setting up for the event.
Atmosphere and Ambience
We would like to decorate the Hall using the "Stone" sheet walls gifted to the Shire by William and Cassandra, additional walls, banners, and tapestries as loaned for use, artificial greenery as loaned or donated, battery operated candles as loaned or donated, and mistletoe. It is proposed that we set up a tree for the children to decorate, and use a Yule Log to add to the atmosphere (perhaps a ceremonial lighting to announce Feast). When donating items that need to be returned please mark them clearly with your name for ease of return. These donations can be delivered to Kaz or Catrin.
Work Days: 
The lending of the time of each and every member of the Shire contributes to the success of our preparation for and presentation of this event. Volunteer often both before and during the event. Coordinators will be posting requests for volunteers, determine where your skills and abilities can be best put to use and step up for the Shire.
Scribes- 11/02
Token Stringing- TBD
Banner/Wall painting- ?
Shed load out- TBD
All Shire tables (Feast, A&S Comps, Raffle, Gate)
Ask for loan of House Mac tables
All sheet walls, banners, table runners, and decorative pennants
Pavillion to set up for Court-?
Pavillion to set up for Musician/Performer's Loft-?
The donation of prizes, supplies, materials, decorations, and time is essential to both the quality of our presentation and the bottom line profit on the event. Every item and/or minute donated by the populace adds to the smooth running and feel of the event as well as increasing our profit. Donate how and as you can, remembering that no donation is too small.
Thank you for you support and assistance
Kaz and Catrin
Yule Revel Autocrats

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