[Loch-Ruadh] Food

Aingeal clan_mac at charter.net
Thu Apr 1 22:45:02 PDT 2010

This is the list is what I have so far.  If you can offer anything please email me and let me know.  I will have the containers and coffee pot at Bear's Sister's house for drinks.  If anyone wants to come over tomorrow evening and help finish up the photo collages just call me.


Kaz                       Noodle Dish
Ceara                   Lasagna, French, Salad
Floria                    Suddenly Salads
Anna                     Veggie tray
Gwen                    Meatballs
Francesca               Potatoes salad
Mordi                     Toffee
Cat                          Apple Crisp 
Catrin Tegward      Plates, cups and flatware
Thora                    Cookies
Gabby                    Dessert
Terrence                Chicken Tenders
Erik                          Sunkist Soda                  
Caerell                    Garage pavilion
Caerell                    Photo collages for service

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