[Loch-Ruadh] Goodbye my brother

Tim yukon at ddsob.com
Sat Apr 3 17:48:19 PDT 2010



Where ever you are right now, I know you've already built you a new PC with
the latest and greatest hardware and software and have already got gigabit
high-speed internet access so I know you can read this.  I miss your smiling
face already.  Stop by in my dreams and let's talk about your new Honda
CBR1200F you're riding these days.  Make sure you stop by and give Sarah a
kiss and tell her you love her, give your mom and dad a hug and I imagine
Ruthie could use one too.  Don't forget to stop by in the dreams of Frances,
Matt, Robyn, Mama Mac, Sir Aaron (his tears today were hard for me to
handle) and all the rest of House Mac, Loch Ruadh and pretty much the rest
of Ansteorra.  From what I've heard there's a few people from your BBS days
that could use some words of encouragement from you in their dreams.  I'm
sorry you won't be able to have any more of Frances' potato salad (FYI, she
has renamed it her Bear salad) or Dunstan's baked beans or Julie's
meatballs.  You'll just have to wait till we all get there.  Matt asked
Sarah if you made her listen to all that crazy music like you used to play
when you lived with us and her answer was "all the time" so I imagine you
got your groove on up there.  Keep rocking my brother and we'll be listening
for good news from the next crown tourney in the sky.


I love you bud,




PS  With the assistance of many notable folks including Rob and Pookie who
provided the elixir, Master Airaklee who performed a reenactment of his
performance in Ansteorran Man, Aingeal, your wonderful wife, Matt, Jesse,
Polydore, Kaz, Alric and many more I'm sure that I missed seeing partake, a
fifth of the magic elixir of the gods (also known as Tully) was emptied in
your honor with many toasts of friendship.

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