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   The Boy Scout demo is coming up this Saturday, April 17 at Worth Ranch near Palo Pinto from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM.   For those interested,  we could use your help.
   This  camporee will have around 300 boys ages 10 thru 17. Forging is their main interest, but only boys 14 and older will be allowed to actually work the forge. They have been instructed to wear natural fiber clothing, have leather aprons and gloves for the forge working program. Water is available and there is an extension cord for those needing power. If you have a forge and are willing to come out, it would be greatly appreciated. Charcoal, iron and propane will be provided. Lord Polydore Pike will be bringing his forge.
   They would like to learn about Viking history, storytelling, clothing, weapons, archery and anything else related to this time period.
    Venues will last around 45 minuets with 9 groups of younger boys and 4 groups of older boys.
     A Viking camp with tent, table, benches and other various items that Lord Polydore decides to bring.  
     Lord Daniel and I willl be setting up our 16x16 period tent Friday night for those wishing to spend the night to be ready first thing Saturday morning. Bring your cot and bedding along with snacks and non alcohol beverages.   
     Worth Ranch is located on Worth Ranch Road, Palo Pinto, TX 76484.
     We could use your help, please contact Lady Elayne 817-446-3919 or email ladyelayne at sbcglobal.net  


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