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Sat Apr 17 14:53:55 PDT 2010

Unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra,

The Shire of Rosenfeld announces the next chapter in the 3 Kings annual

*The **Battle** of 3 Commanders*. October 1-3  Hawkins RV Park, Hawkins Tx.

*July to September 1588  *

The Spanish Armada, had attempted to rendezvous with its army and invade
England to depose the heretic Elizabeth I.

The Armada waited in vain for the Duke of Parma's army to arrive at Calais.
The English Navy using fireships

caused the Armada's ships to cut anchor and escape into the North Channel.

Meanwhile in Ireland the Irish Pirate Queen Grainne was losing her hold over
the waters of Cley Bay to the English

and traveled to England for an audience with the Queen, hoping to regain her

*What ifs ?*

What if the Duke of Sidonia Medona did not escape into the North Channel and
followed King Phillips plan to invade England,

but the Privateer Sir Francis Drake was there to try to stop him?

What if the Pirate Commander Grainne Ui Mhaille, seeking release of her
hostage son and her ships, came to present her case before Elizabeth I,

and found herself in the middle of a war? (What could a pirate do?)

What if The 3 Commanders had been able to deploy the Grapple Hook and then
Rapier fighters from each ship fought on decks and gangplanks

with the treacherous ocean waiting to swallow them up?

What if the Spanish Armada and Grainne assaulted the English Castle from
their ships using archers and siege weapons ?

And what if they landed and all 3 commanders met in an open field battle?

*Then we could have the **Battle** of 3 commanders.*

The English Privateer Commander ~ Sir Francis Drake ~ *HE Don Robert
MacPharland, OP *

The Irish Pirate Commander ~ Grainne Ui Mhaille ~* HE Druinne de Salesberie,

The Spanish Armada Commander ~ The Duke of Medona Sidonia ~ *HE Don Iago
Cabrera de Cadiz*

*Ansteorra, *

Choose your commanders, prepare your Bardic and A&S entries, the theme is
Pirate, Privateers, the Sea, Irish, English and Spanish.

Prepare for battles with Rapier, Chivalric, Combat Archery, Siege Weapons,
Equestrian and targets for Archers.

There will be a Pirate Quest for children 6-12, no limit on entrants.

You can help your Commander by volunteering for service.

All participants should donate to the War Chest which will be presented to
the winning Commander.

Merchants are welcome with a donation to the War Chest appreciated.

More detailed information coming soon.

In Service,

Co-Stewards for the Battle of 3 Commaanders.

Lord Ricciardo da Nicolosi ~  ricciardo_nicolosi at yahoo.com  and  Lady
Eithne ingen meic Cináeda   ~ eithnethehealer at gmail.com

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