[Loch-Ruadh] Glalsyn Defender end of event news

Colleen/Keally ldycolleenokelly at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 16:29:38 PDT 2010

It was a great pleasure having so many people share this weekend with us. 
The winners are:
Archery Defender - Don Sebastion frobishire
Archery Keeper - Master Caelin on Andrede
Light Defender - Count Hrafn Olafsson
Light Keeper - HL Damon Xanthus
Heavy Defender - HL Cathal finn Obrien
Heavy Keeper - Kinoshita Zenjirou Yoshi Mitsu
Best Monkey - Alexander O'Kelly

The following items were left behind and are very lost and confused. Please help find their owners. 
camp chair
folding table
knee brace
black glove
coffee cup
netted tent hanger
Please email me with a description of the item and we can make arrangements to get it back to you. 
See you all soon, 
Bantiarna Colleen O'Kelly


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