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Is there any interest in the Shire putting in a bid for this?

If so, does anyone know of a suitable site?

Let's discuss it at Populace Meeting on Wednesday.


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Greetings Ansteorra

To date, I have received no bids for King's College (calendared for June 12,
2010).  By the grace of Their Royal Majesties, the deadline has been
extended to February 28, 2010.  The event requires a venue capable of
accommodating several tracks - preferably 12 or more.  Reasonably large
churches and schools work well.  Areas  for indoor and outdoor classes are
preferred, though we have had successful King's Colleges in the past held
entirely outdoors. Sideboard lunches are the norm, rather than feasts.
Those interested should submit the bid to me, with a copy to the Kingdom
Seneschal and Kingdom Exchequer.

ihon vinson macFergus, OL
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass . . .
it's about learning how to dance in the rain!"

Unknown (but I wish it had been me)
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