[Loch-Ruadh] OT outcry for help

Ketchakat ketchakat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 17:57:40 PST 2010

I myself was served by my ex husband on Dec 15 for custody of our two
children.  Because you have been served with papers and I assume have a
hearing date, you can contact legal aide for an appointment based on the
urgency of your case.

600 E. Weatherford St. Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Tel no: 817-336-3943
800-955-3959 Fax no: 817-877-0804

Hope that helps.

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> those of you that may or may not know me i am posting in need of some help.
> my fiance was served thrusday paperwork on her eldest daughter(cathy 6 yrs
> old) about custody. I really need help finding a lawyer that will take the
> case and help us out. we are extremly straped for cash right now. if anyone
> could give me any information or help in any way much would be appricated.
> ?
> Jason Haddock
> foreverknight2622 at yahoo.com
> ?

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