[Loch-Ruadh] Subject: Inventory of Shire Property

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I want to encourage everyone who can spare some time on Saturday to come and help us get the inventory completed.  It is very important that we account for all of the Shire's property and make sure that everything is serviceable.  Many hands make light work, and quicker work as well.  I will bring doughnuts, bottled water and OJ (and I'll bet if we ask nicely, Aingeal and Caerell might let us make some coffee).

Officers, you need to inventory any property you have for your Offices and get the information to Lady Marion before Officer's Meeting on the 17th.  If you need a list of what your Office should have on hand, contact Lady Marion at chamberlain at lochruadh.org and she can send you one.

At Populace Meeting, we approved an expenditure of up to $250 for the purchase of new Rubbermaid tubs to hold the pavilion walls and roofs and their associated fittings, as well some of the other Shire property that is currently stored in damaged containers.  Rolf will bring an appropriate size tub as an example so we can make the final determination of the sizes we need to purchase, and the new tubs will be picked up and the items transferred to them on Saturday.  (Note:  The tubs will be color coded to match the contents with the correct sets of poles.)

I want to stress that NO Shire property will be checked out of the shed until this inventory is complete and the new Chamberlain, Lady Marion, is satisfied that it is correct.  We have gotten very lax about ensuring that the checkout sheets are used properly for returning items to storage, and coordination with our former Chamberlain, Baroness Dana, became non-existent, despite the fact that she was available for check ins at practically any time.  Please remember that if you agree to transport Shire property and are listed as doing so on the checkout sheet, you are responsible for that property until it is properly checked back into storage.  As a non-profit organization, there are very strict rules about how we must account for the group's property, and a good paper trail is essential to that accounting.

In Service,

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For more info contact the Chamberlain, Lady Marion


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