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Gulf War tip #1-  Bring several pairs of shoes, including good walking shoes and shoes suitable for wet wear.  Our land is almost the farthest from the main activities areas and the road has lots of foot bruising rocks. Blisters are period, but not enjoyable.

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This just occurred to me:  how about we create a Gulf War Tip page on the Loch Ruadh website?  Anyone could contribute ideas about any aspect of Gulf War that everyone needs to know:  clothing recommendations, meal ideas, ways to waterproof tents, etc.  Anyone who has ever attended a Gulf War has picked up good ideas that can useful to almost everyone, and especially to those getting ready to go to War for the first time.

Caerell, is there a way to do this so that you as webminister don't have to enter everything manually?  

Now that I've tossed out the idea, how about some brainstorming?


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