[Loch-Ruadh] Snow day

Polydore polydore at ntbb.net
Fri Feb 12 15:25:00 PST 2010

Well, my power was out from about 0930 last night until about 3pm today.
Everything OK though.

Sonja Crocker wrote:
> We are doing well. We live far enough our that we still have electricity.
> Funny, ours goes out whenever it rains, but stays on when it snows. Go
> figure.:) My washer is full of every warm thing the kids own. The
> practically lived outside yesterday. It was go out an make a fort, come in
> for cocoa, go out and make a snow man, come in for cocoa. They say it is the
> most snow in a single day that we have had in 111 years. WOW! The last time
> I saw snow this deep was in Waukegan, Illinois. I hope you guys stay warm
> and dry.
> Terrence, I hope you guys get power soon.
> Cait

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