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Yesterday, witnessed the incredible displays of many of Ansteorra's best
artisans at Kingdom A & S.
There were roughly 45 entries, some for comment only. At the end of the day,
those who scored 40 or greater were:

Aelfwyn Webbestre* – weaving

Amalia Zavattini* – Costume

Ameline DuBois* – glass and copper chain

*****Caerell MacDonaill* – carved ear scoop and toothpick

Caterina Bella Rosso - blackwork

Catriona inghean Mhic Lachlainn+ – brooches

Czina Angielczkya* – paper

Ekaterina Landarovna Kharlampieva - basket weaving

Hillary Rose Greenslade* – enameled icon medalian

Ihon Vinson macFergus** – poem, song

Lucia Piazetta* – wines

Oksana Goncharova* – clay lantern

Serafina de Gratia – printing/painting on playing cards
Tadgh macAedain uiConchobhair+ – leatherwork

Those shown with an asterisk will represent Ansteorra at Gulf Wars. +
indicates an alternate.

And your new Kingdom Artisan?  HL Czina Angielczkya.  Huzzah, Czina!!

ihon vinson macFergus
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass . . .
it's about learning how to dance in the rain!"

Unknown (but I wish it had been me)
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