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Cool, except for my title...

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This past week, warriors from Ansteorra traveled to the Estrella War. 
Ansteorra was well represented on the field, her heart showing through the 
brave men and women who decimated the foe. Their actions were valorous, and 
in the future, there will be stories told of the Ansteorran army of 18 that 
fought like 100. These men and women fought hard, and there is no doubt that 
within their chests beats a black star.

But I write this word fame to a group of people who were unable to travel 
with us to those far, foreign lands, but whose heart was there with us.

To her Grace Ebegardis, thank you for arranging the beautiful gift basket. 
Their majesties Caid were impressed at the generosity of our Kingdom.
Mistress Ameline du Bois, the envy that shown in the eyes of those not 
gifted your glass beads could be seen throughout camp.
Mistress Hanna van Dahl, the warming herb wraps that you provided were sure 
to come in handy, especially after the heart of Ansteorra was shown upon the 
Honorable Lord Tadhg macAedain uiConchobhair, I am sure that the leather 
bottle you provided was filled with something that was used to wash the 
taste of Ansteorras victory out of our enemy's mouths.

**Honorable Lord Caerell MacDonaill, when your bone carved tools are used, I 
am sure that the hands they are held in will tremble in the AWESOMENESS that 
is Ansteorra.

Once again, I thank you all for your willingness to serve Ansteorra. Without 
you and your generosity, the Black Star would shine less bright.

HE Adena Terricsdottir
Head of Entourage for Owen and Genevria.

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