[Loch-Ruadh] Weekly GW Pre-registration nagging

Cat fem_cat at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 12:13:24 PST 2010

Also...would those who are attending please keep me posted on your kitchen plans so that
I can keep the head count up to date? This way we can let the evening cooks know how
many people they are feeding so that they can shop based on those numbers. I am
re-posting the meal and carry list in case any need it. 

If there are any changes please let me know ASAP so that I can adjust the list. It's already
been changed to reflect attendance changes that I have received to date.

With thanks,

Lady Kat the Blackhearted, GW Kitchen Coordinator
Shire of Loch Ruadh
Kingdom of Ansteorra

-------Gulf Wars XIX----------


Sunday: Fend for Yourself, there will be a small fire pit with charcoal for cooking meat

Monday: Mexican Chicken-Cheese Soup w/Bread (Fiona, Alric & Terrence)

Tuesday: Spaghetti w/Bread (Kaz, Antonia, Chris & Tish)

Wednesday: Sausage Gumbo w/Bread (Alf, Jenn, & Heath)

Thursday: Beef, Barley and Veggie Soup w/Bread (Kat, Gryfudd, Marian, & Annest)

Friday: Chili (Polydore, Cait, & Ragnar)

Saturday: Fend for Yourself

We voted to invite 6 fighters, of Centurian Fiacha's choice, for six individual dinners. I will
be making a voucher for him to give out to those he chooses and they will be able to
choose which night they come.  

Vivian will be bringing bread for one meal (Vivian please pick a night
and contact those cooks) and 3 loaves to offset the visiting fighters.

-------------Chores (Will be posted in the Kitchen at Camp and may change as people
register or cancel registrations)---------------

Every family needs to bring 1 Gallon of Citronella

Torches to be filled as they are placed 

Torches: Duckie & Heath
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Kat 

Torches: Kaz & Terrence
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Fiona & Niama

Torches: Polydore & Alex
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Antonia & Tish

Torches: Gryfudd & Ragnar
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Cait & Vivian

Torches: Alf & To Be Named Later
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Jenny (Heath's) & Jenn (Duckie's)

Torches: Kaz & Duckie
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Miriam & Annest

---------Gulf War XIX Carry List-------------


2 Stock Pots: Kat (1), Antonia (1)
1 Water Cooler: Kaz 
2 Ladles: Kat (1), 
2 Long Handled Spoons: Cait (2)
Cutting Boards: Kat
3 Dish Pans: Cait
Bleach: Kat
Dish soap pads: Kat
3 pot holders: Cait
Dish towels:Cait
Coffee Filter Packs: each coffee drinker brings 1 Box of Maxwell house filter packs  
Coffee Creamer: Vivian
Large Coffee Pots: Kaz (1)
Paper Towels – 2 rolls:  Kat (2)
Bread Knife: Kat
Paring Knife: Kat
Chef’s Knife: Kat
Yard Guard: Vivian (1), Kaz (1)
Cold Brew Tea Bags: Marion
Large Lawn Garbage Bags (3 Boxes Needed): Alf
Sugar: Marion
Trash Can: On Site in Storage

- Tools -
Axe: Shed?
Personal Rakes: 
Shovel: Marion & Gryffydd
Tree trimmer:  Marion & Gryffydd
Hose: Alf (1)
Brass Y connector: Alric
Spigot: Terrence
4 Buckets for Firepit: Terrence
Fire Extinguisher: Kat 
Citronella: every person brings 1 Gallon 
Tiki Torches: Everyone bring as many as possible please
List field poles and ropes: Terrence
Zip ties and Duct tape: Cait & Ragnar
Propane Lantern for Kitchen: Alric
First Aid Kit: Kat
4 small bottles of propane for lantern:Vivian (2), Terrence (2)
Camp Stove: Terrence
20lb Propane for stove: Alric (1), Cait & Ragnar (1)
5x7 Tarp: Alric
3 Garage Pavilions: Marion & Gryffydd (1), Alric & Fiona (1), Cait & Ragnar (1)
Sheet Walls: Kaz
Kitchen Tables (12): Marion & Gryffydd (3), Cait & Ragnar (2), Alric (3), Terrence (4) 


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