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The boys will have their own  tent, an other 9x14. I think it was on my original message.


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Here is the final list I have with the tent sizes.  Please correct me if I'm wrong and e-mail me with any additional info or requests that need my attention.
Gruffyd & Marion
  18 x 12 modern tent
Annest & 2 boys
  9 x 14 modern tent
Alf-Nasir & 2 others
  14 x 12 wall tent
  2- 10 x 10 decorated easy ups
  10 x 10 mountain spike
Alric & Fiona
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
  10 x 10 kitchen easy up
Cat & 3 others
  10 x 20 undecorated garage pavilion
  11 x 17 modern tent
Kaz & Antonia
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
Ragnar & Cait & kids
  10 x 30 wedding pavilion
Heath & Jennay & kids
  2- 10 x 10's
  12' yurt
  15 x 18 BFVT
Terrence & 2 boys
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
Still holding out possible for Vivian.
Please e-mail me if you would like your name and cell phone on a phone list that will be e-mailed to all the persons going to Gulf War.
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