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I need the mundane names for the following:
Heath and Jennay and children (plus their SCA names in full)
Ragnar and Cait's children (plus their SCA names in full, if they have any)
If you would prefer not to have this information on the list, please send it to me privately at 
tdsikes at prodigy.net

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Here is the final list I have with the tent sizes.  Please correct me if I'm wrong and e-mail me with any additional info or requests that need my attention.
Gruffyd & Marion
  18 x 12 modern tent
Annest & 2 boys
  9 x 14 modern tent
Alf-Nasir & 2 others
  14 x 12 wall tent
  2- 10 x 10 decorated easy ups
  10 x 10 mountain spike
Alric & Fiona
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
  10 x 10 kitchen easy up
Cat & 3 others
  10 x 20 undecorated garage pavilion
  11 x 17 modern tent
Kaz & Antonia
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
Ragnar & Cait & kids
  10 x 30 wedding pavilion
Heath & Jennay & kids
  2- 10 x 10's
  12' yurt
  15 x 18 BFVT
Terrence & 2 boys
  10 x 20 decorated garage pavilion
Still holding out possible for Vivian.
Please e-mail me if you would like your name and cell phone on a phone list that will be e-mailed to all the persons going to Gulf War.
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