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I already took care of those items but there is probably other things that were not thought of. One of the things that come to mind are gloves for torch duty, I don't remember seeing that on the list.
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Tegwared and I can supply the items Vivian volunteered for since she will not be going. 

Loch Ruadh Rocks! 

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Do not forget that the shed load out for GW is this Sunday, March 7th at 2pm. If you have
promised to carry items but cannot remember what they might be I am reposting all of the
GW meeting information.

In Service,

Lady Kat the Blackhearted
Shire of Loch Ruadh
Kitchen coordinator

-------Gulf Wars XIX----------


Sunday: Fend for Yourself, Kat will have a small fire pit with charcoal for cooking meats and stuff

Monday: Mexican Chicken-Cheese Soup w/Bread (Fiona, Alric & Terrence)

Tuesday: Spaghetti w/Bread (Catrin, Tegwared, Kaz, Antonia, Chris & Tish)

Wednesday: Sausage Gumbo w/Bread (Alf, Jenn, & Heath)

Thursday: Beef, Barley and Veggie Soup w/Bread (Kat, Gryfudd, Marian, & Annest)

Friday: Chili (Polydore, Cait, & Ragnar)

Saturday: Fend for Yourself

We voted to invite 6 fighters, of Centurian Fiacha's choice, for six individual dinners. The vouchers were given to him at last month's fighter practice.

Vivian will be bringing bread for one meal (Vivian please pick a night
and contact those
cooks) and 3 loaves to offset the visiting fighters.

-------------Chores (Will be posted in the Kitchen at Camp and may change as people
register or cancel registrations)---------------

Every family needs to bring 1 Gallon of Citronella

Torches to be filled as they are placed 

Torches: Duckie & Heath
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Kat 

Torches: Kaz & Terrence
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Fiona & Niama

Torches: Tegwared & Alex
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Antonia & Catrin

Torches: Gryfudd & Ragnar
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Cait & Jenny

Torches: Alf &
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Kat

Torches: Kaz & Duckie
AM Kitchen Clean Up: Miriam & Annest

---------Gulf War XIX Carry List, Shed Load Out Sunday March 7th @ 2pm-------------

2 Large Stock Pots: Kat (1), Antonia (1)
1 Water Cooler: Kaz 
2 Ladles: Kat (1), 
2 Long Handled Spoons: Cait (2)
Cutting Boards: Kat
3 Dish Pans: Cait
Bleach: Kat
Dish soap pads: Kat
3 pot holders: Cait
Dish towels:Cait
Coffee Filter Packs: each coffee drinker brings 1 Box of Maxwell house filter packs  
Coffee Creamer: Vivian
Large Coffee Pots: Kaz (1), Polydore (1)
Paper Towels – 2 rolls:  Kat (2)
Bread Knife: Kat
Paring Knife: Kat
Chef’s Knife: Kat
Yard Guard: Vivian (1), Kaz (1)
Cold Brew Tea Bags: Marion
Large Lawn Garbage Bags (3 Boxes Needed): Alf
Sugar: Marion
Trash Can: On Site in Storage

- Tools -
Axe: Shed?
Personal Rakes: 
Shovel: Marion & GryffyddTree trimmer:  Marion & Gryffydd
Hose: Alf (1)
Brass Y connector: Alric
Spigot: Terrence
4 Buckets for Firepit: Terrence
Fire Extinguisher: Kat 
Citronella: every family brings 1 Gallon 
Tiki Torches: Everyone bring as many as possible please
List field poles and ropes: Terrence
Zip ties and Duct tape: Cait & Ragnar
Propane Lantern for Kitchen: Alric
First Aid Kit: Kat
4 small bottles of propane for lantern:Vivian (2), Terrence (2)
Camp Stove: Terrence
20lb Propane for stove: Alric (1), Cait & Ragnar (1)
5x7 Tarp: Alric
3 Garage Pavilions: Marion & Gryffydd (1), Alric & Fiona (1), Cait & Ragnar (1)
Sheet Walls: Kaz
Kitchen Tables (12): Marion & Gryffydd (3), Cait & Ragnar (2), Alric (3), Terrence (4) 

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