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if i remember right ... the owner of the small store had wood for sale ... and as far as the fire pit goes .. it needs to be above ground ... at least 10 feet from any tents .. or pop ups .. and you should have a bucket of water or sand/dirt ... or a exstenishure} or how ever it is spelled{  at the ready Just in case .... if there is no wood on site .. if i remember right .. the road leading to camp .. is FULL of broken and down trees .. with a truch and a hand held beaver we can get wood .. if it is not brakeing the law ... i dont think it is if the tree is already downed .. we just cant cut em down our selves .. might wanna check on that ... 

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I am forwarding this due to our discussion at Populace last night. I thought
this was relevant.


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>From the Glenn Abhann list.


Subject: Re: Fire Pits
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Bring your own firewood this year..there is NO FIRWEOOD to be found anymore
on the site..theres barely any trees., not sure if there will be folks
trying to sell firewood or not..just have to wait and see
I would also bring your own shade.


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> We're looking into bringing a small fire pit to Gulf Wars but have never
> used one before.  Do
> we bring firewood or use/buy available on site?  Any safety considerations
> outside of the
> obvious that need to be considered when using one in the woods?
>  Suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks
> Susan
> Susan Durham (kaosgirl at ...)

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