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Correct.  The rules state "no ground fires" then later has rules on filling in firepits when leaving.  I have been to other camps that have a  raised fire "bowl" and am assuming since that isn't a ground fire, those are allowed, too.
Do we want to try bringing firewood, take a chance that the guy at the store will have firewood, or see if someone else in Hattiesburg or Lumberton has firewood?

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One correction. The rules say no "ground fires" and refer to "fire pits".
The fire needs to be contained in a dug-out pit, as in the previous years,
unless they have changed the rules.

ground fire ... if i am right is one where you just lay the logs on the ground and light em ...... the above ground i was talking about is an inclosed fire pit .. with legs lifting it above the ground ... i am not being a smart A** ..... i am just asking to make sure . cose we where going to bring ours as well ... and want to know for sure ... before we pack it this weekend ... 

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