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I'll bring one to shed load out.  If for some reason I miss you there, I'll e-mail it.  That way you'll have the newest version.
Don't think you will need a weed-eater, as Larry, the guy that runs the ranch, is pretty good about cutting all the grass at the site and around the trees.  We have had moved over saplings sticking up in the past, and also there are always blackberry vines that run all over that we wind up snipping a lot.  Some of the trees sprout low tree branches in the year since we were there last, so clippers, branch loppers, and maybe a hand axe is all you might need.

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We plan on taking a shovel. We are also taking a lot of gardening items
(week eater, etc). I am not sure what all we need to take. Any ideas?

Terrence: Can you email the camp layout to me (sonja.crocker at gmail.com) or
you can give it to me at the Shed Load-Out tomorrow.


Cait O'Hara
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