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Here is more info on the firewood situation at Gulf Wars.


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Here's some more details on firewood at GW and restrictions on bringing in
your own. These are excerpts from the Gleann Ahbann list.


I was on site today and talked to a gentleman there about the firewood.
There will be gobs for sale. Signs are up just after you drive through the
gate and there will be cords of wood right there for sale. They will be
selling it by the large bundle, by a quarter, half, and complete cord. No
one was selling any shade though, you will need to bring that. sigh.


Bringing firewood INTO MS is a no-no! Out-of-state infestations can get ya
into legal trouble, and pulled over, so its not worth it. We're all gonna
have to acquire ours locally.

Lord Liam Devlin

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