[Loch-Ruadh] 3/3/2010 Populace Meeting Notes

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Sun Mar 7 18:56:59 PST 2010

Officer Reports:

A sign in sheet was passed around. Newcomers Jeff and Michelle were present.
Office is open for bids and closes at the April 20th Officer's Meeting

Archery Marshal:
Because of rain and war there are no practices until April

The newsletter is online at lochruadh.org. (and it looks wonderful!)
Mail Gulf War letters home to Padraig at seneschal at lochruadh.org

Minister of Arts and Sciences:
Announced that Laird Caerell will be representing Ansteorra at Gulf Was XIX
March Scribes and Illuminators is cancelled
Scribes & Illuminators will be on April 17th @ Lady Eleanor's house
She is looking for class ideas and suggestions

Knight Marshal:
There were 5 armored fighters at the last fighter practice.
March practice is cancelled due to Gulf War XIX
Next fighter practice is on April 10th at 10am (Z Boaz Park in Benbrook)

There has been no account activity
Currently have $2546.98
A vote was taken (and passed) to reimburse Lord Padraig $112.28 for the cost of storage totes for the Shire equipment
Caerell will do the February financial report
We need a bid for this office ASAP, Caerell can only occupy the office for a total of 90 days

Chamberlain (Deputy to the Exchequer):
Shed load out is Sunday March 7th @ 2pm, she will be there to check items out to those who signed up to take things to GW

Nothing to report

Minister of Children:
Announced Ansteorra day at Gulf Wars XIX
Inquired about a childrens activity at the next Loch Ruadh Ceilidh
Mentioned a possible new location for populace which will be investigated
She thanked members of the populace for their generous donations towards youth activities

Gulf War News: 
Shed load out Sunday March 7th at 2pm
Kitchen chore list and camp layout will be revamped to reflect cancellations and additions
Vivian donated $6 towards the purchase of bread for meals

Suggested Upcoming Events:
Elfsea's Defender 2-4 April
Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame 23-25 April
Defender of the Tor, April 30 - May 2

Kingdom Event that need Bids:
Crown Tourney June 9-11
Roundtable june 17
Bids for both events are due THIS month

Upcoming Loch Ruadh Happenings:
Loch Ruadh Officer's Meeting March 24th at the home of Lord Gryyfdd and Lady Marian
Shed Load In: March 27th @ 10am Bring items back CLEAN please
Ceilidh March 27th at Lady Vivian's 8pm



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