[Loch-Ruadh] Post War Meeting

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sat Mar 27 15:47:04 PDT 2010

Here are notes from the Post Gulf War meeting.
Cat could not be at the meeting, so she sent a note for Fiona to read.  Cat stated that people that cook dinner each night are also responsible to clean the kitchen pavilion after they are done cooking, including cleaning the grill, dishwashing tubs, and the tables in the dining pavilion.  If dishes or mugs are left on the dining tables they should be picked up and moved to the kitchen.  She also stated that if persons assigned chores miss their assignment, whether due to forgetting or not being present, they may be assigned chores later in the week to make up, most likely instead of anyone that is assigned chores twice during the week.  Doing work outside of the camp is not a valid reason for not doing assigned chores.  If someone wishes to trade responsibilities with another person, that is between them and that other person.
Items discussed.
1.  For those that were not present at Officer's Meeting it was discussed that several people in Early Period encampment were displeased with the appearance of the Loch Ruadh encampment and with the Loch Ruadh gate.  The group is determined to complete the gate and wing walls as soon as possible.
2. Once the gate and wing walls are finished, the group discussed installing permanent posts for mounting the sheet walls and building a platform for the kitchen pavilion, to compensage for the uneven ground where the kitchen pavilion has been situated and maximize the use of the assigned land.
3.  Also to improve the appearance of the camp it was discussed bringing the canvas pavilion cover for the most visible dining pavilion.
4.  It was discussed that we would like to have a period pavilion assigned to the space at the front, northmost corner (right side of the gate, looking in from front).  Another idea was discussed about bringing a period shade pavilion for that spot to futher block view of mundane tents, but have a period pavilion at the front of the camp.
5.  It was suggested that we bring and hang more banners to disguise mundane tents and furnishings.
6.  There was some discussion that the camp appearance would be improved by keeping mundane items, such as cans and soda bottles, and other items, such as armor off of the dining tables.
7.  It was suggested that we take and use table cloths next year, to disguise the tables.
8.  It was brought up that persons cleaning the kitchen after cooking each night should also clean the grill, especially if food or grease has been splashed or spattered on it.
9.  If using the kitchen for personal cooking, please clean up after yourselves.
10.  Nightly cleanup includes cleaning the dining tables in the dining area.
Since there were several persons that were not able to be at the Post Gulf War meeting, I will try to have another period of discussion at Populace, if Padraig will permit.

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