[Loch-Ruadh] Champions of the Tor

krikit . krikit_krikit at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 07:06:34 PDT 2010

 Good Morning,


My apologies for not posting... I am trying to learn the name of the woman who won Archery... all the rest I knew..


Yes Congratulaions to Padraig!!! He was in FINE form!!


I was inside the tavern and heard every word!!




And it is WE who are honored!!!


The song was/is about All those who have gone before us, but specifically honoring Edric of Hastings, Mistress Branwyn, Bear and Bice


I appreciate your comment Padraig... 


had a tough time singing and crying at the same time...


they are sooooooo missed!!!


Thank You!!
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