[Loch-Ruadh] Dragonsfire Tor's newest Bardic Champion

Seanan mac Tighearnain seanan.dft at gmail.com
Wed May 5 22:51:23 PDT 2010

for those of us that were unable to make it, could you also share the piece
you performed?

-seanan, missing his friends in Loch Ruadh

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 7:29 AM, Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain <
padraig_ruad at irishbard.org> wrote:

> Many thanks for all the kind words.  The competition was fierce, and had I
> been judging, I would have had a very difficult time choosing from among the
> other competitors, as they were all excellent, so I feel very honored to
> have been selected from such a worthy field.
> The best piece presented, however, wasn't actaully part of the competiton,
> but a song that Lauretta composed and performed in honor of Bear and Bice.
> It was extraordinarily beautiful and emotional, and had Lauretta been
> competing, that performance would have won her the title.  I have asked her
> for a copy of the words, and I need to learn the tune from her, as it is a
> song that should be sung often.
> Padraig

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