[Loch-Ruadh] October Event Coordinator's Meeting

Alric And Fiona sidhe01 at swbell.net
Thu May 6 14:57:13 PDT 2010


On May 12, Wednesday next, the first event coordinator meeting will be held at Alric and Fiona's 
at 7 PM.
If you are a Shire officer, tradition holds that you are the coordinator for that portion of the event.

Exchequer - Gate (Lady Vivian)
MOAS - A&S competition. (Lady Eleanor)
Knight Marshal - Chivalric Competition (Lord Vemunder - aka Duckie)
Herald - event Herald In Charge (Lordy Lord Kaz)
Archery Marshal - Archery Competition (Lord Gruffyd) 
MOC - children's activities ( Lady Cat)

Non- Officer Coordinators (people who have volunteered)
Royal Liaison - HL Aingael
Title Bard - Baric Competition
Security - Lord Rolf
Merchants - Lady Sybil
Site Token"so - Fiona and Alric
Feast  - Lady Linnet of Atenveldt

Activity coordinators"
    Wenches Tourney - Lady Kat the Black Hearted

    Punkin Chunkin - Depends on if I can get a treb built in time - I still need a crew to ensure safe operation - hence a coordinator
    Torch Light Tourney -  A possible event for the One on One fighters - Marshal Needed

I still lneed:  a Prize reeve 
                   a Rapier marshal
                    a Royal (baronial) Luncheon Coordinator/Preparer

 We are adding the A&S champion as a Titled Champion or "The Loch Ruadh Artisan" and we need regalia - a medallion similar to the Harp,  a cloak and a staff?  We need to get ideas on what we want to get made.  so everyone in the Shire needs to be thinking about this and to think hard because we need to get this going pretty quickly.


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