[Loch-Ruadh] Gate Work Trip

Loch Ruadh Seneschal seneschal at lochruadh.org
Tue May 18 13:27:07 PDT 2010

As most everyone should be aware, we are doing a trip to King's Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, MS, over Memorial Day weekend to complete the gate on our permanent land.

Ideally, we need 10 or more people to make sure we have enough hands to complete the necessary work.  So far we have six people who have committed to make the trip:


Alric and I will be leaving Thursday morning, Gruffydd and Marion around noon on Thursday, Kaz Friday morning, and I believe Terrence is leaving Friday afternoon.  

We will be picking up the scaffolding and materials, getting the scaffolding set up, making other necessary preparations and getting the work started on Friday.  Terrence, Gruffydd and Marion will be staying until Tuesday to return the scaffolding.

If there is any way that you can make this work trip, please consider doing so.  We will be paying of our own gas and food, so if anyone can ride with those already going and share gas costs, we can at least cut down on individual costs a bit.

Contact me or anyone else on the crew list for more details and/or to arrange to share a ride or to set up traveling together.

In Service,


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