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I am in favor.


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We have an opportunity to host the upcoming King's Roundtable in July.  Alric has found a site - the Student Union at TCU.  This is a very minimal effort event to put on, but very important to the business operation of the Kingdom.  

In general, people have voiced support for us doing this in the past, but as the bids for the event are past due, and need to be to the Kingdom Senschal as soon as possible, we can't wait until Populace Meeting next week to vote, so I am asking for an email response on the question:

Should Loch Ruadh submit a bid to host Roundtable in July?

Please respond today - the earlier the better.  Let other members of the Shire who might not have see this missive yet know about it and encourage them to respond today as well.

I have prepared a bid, and if the general consensus is yes, I will submit it.

In Service,

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