[Loch-Ruadh] Shannon River Raids brought back many great memories!

Germanicus de Atlan ldgermanicus at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 16:59:09 PDT 2010

>From Germanicus and his son Dane the Red to all of you at the event yesterday, THANK YOU!!
Your hospitality was amazing, your people more so, and we made many new friends in such a short time. The Youth 
Combat didn't stop once our tourney was finished around noon, with the young warriors foaming at the mouth to keep 
fighting the entire day, stopping only for the short bouts of rain and finally for the incredible feast just as the sun came out.
We authorized enough new fighters yesterday in your wonderful Shire to make you a formidable force by yourself at
Bordermarch Melees or Gulf Wars!  
THIS is how to have an event, and you reminded me of the first days of Bordermarch and the other groups, and what it was 
like then.  True enough that the events were often less than a hundred people, but the FUN!  Of such legends are made...
We desperately wanted to stay for court, but it was my sons' rodeo teams' turn to work the rodeo this weekend, so alas 
a wolfed-down feast and then back to north Fort Worth to wrestle steers and serve BBQ until long past midnight.  We're 
already looking forward  to seeing you all at another event, authorizing and training more young warriors, and again, thank
you for letting us enjoy the day with you all.
At your service,
Germanicus, Central Region Youth Combat Marshal 		 	   		  

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