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It looks like we have at least 1 person from each of the groups except for 
4....39 out of 43 (40 groups and 3 special case invites)...not too bad!
I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for joining yet another yahoogroup! I 
know everyone's time is short so I will try to make this likewise.

First, I will be going out to the site later this week to do my usual 'chase the 
fire ants dance' I know I not killing all of them, just running them off to 
someone else's site...but I have been doing it for the last couple of years and 
it seems to help...if you do not want me to dance on your land (some people 
might) let me know and I will stay away, otherwise I will be doing the dance 
this week and then again the saturday war starts....all I ask is that, if you 
wish, I have been know to work for beer! just drop off a six pack of a 
interesting (as in good) beer that you all can get in your home towns that I 
might not have had before, I am fond of all types and I like an occasional cider 

Second, and more important, it has been knocked around for a couple of years and 
now it is going to start to be implemented...taxes...Mr. Stanford's property 
taxes have been going steadily up the last couple of years, due in large part to 
our construction projects. So I have talked with quite a few folks in this group 
and have come up with a proposal....each permanent structure group will pay a 
$25.00 fee per year to build on Larry's land. That would be about $1000.00 a 
year Larry would get for taxes or better showers (ha, ya right, hee,hee) but it 
would also remind him (and I will) that we are serious about this and it would 
make him more aware of what is going on out on his land as far as security. I am 
open to suggestions, but I think we need to do something and this year is the 
year to start. At some point towards the end of the war, I will come around to 
all the groups and collect taxes...if you happened to be in my neck of the woods 
(Clan Gambit) you could always drop by and pay it before then...I will have 
reciepts for anyone who wishes them...

Lots of construction going on out there and it looks great! Keep up the good 
work! But also in your excitement, remeber to run it past me first!! I have to 
get it to Larry to bless, and believe me, he does care! Just this weekend he 
commented on a new cottage...not that he did not like it, but that it was not 
parallel to the main road... we explained to him that it was parallel to the 
other tents that would be in the encampment, but he really does care what is 
going on out there.

So, comments, conerns, what do you all want this forum to do? I thought it would 
act as a sounding board for construction ideas and technique sugesstions, 
learning from each other what does and does not work...and also a quick way for 
us to all get ahold of each other when needed.

Thank you again and see you all at war!


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