[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf Wars Carry List

Kazimierz Złowieszczy kazoflr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 06:00:01 PST 2011

Below you will find the Gulf Wars Carry list organized by those who
volunteered to carry items. If this email does not come through in color as
noted, I will have a print out at the shed load-out. We still have several
items to be divided amongst ourselves, so please give the list another
look-see.  Dad and Marion have offered to try to fit the remaining items on
their trailer, but there are items that need to be provided which are not in
the Shire's inventory. If there is anything else you can carry or provide
from the remaining items, please let me know.

Also, even if you are not attending war this year, please look over the list
and let me know if there is anything we have overlooked.

The shed load-out is at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 5th (TOMORROW). See you


*Gulf War Carry List*

*Items in **Red** are to be checked out of the Shire's equipment. Items in
Black are to provided from personal supplies.*

* *

*Alric and Fiona *

1 Pavilion

Canvas Pavilion top

Stake bucket

Propane Lantern for Kitchen

20lb Propane for stove

3 Folding Tables

*Kaz and Antonia*

Sheet Walls

2 Folding Tables

3 Dish Pans

Shire banner

1 Large Stock Pot

3 pot holders

Cloth Dish towels

1 Paring Knife

1 Chef's Knife

1 box Large Lawn Garbage Bags

Zip ties and Duct tape

1 Axe

1 Shovel

4 small bottles of propane for lantern

5x7 Tarp

*Alex and Kat*

1 Large Stock Pot**

1 Ladle

1 Bread Knife

Cutting Boards**


Dish soap pads

2 rolls Paper Towels

1 box Large Lawn Garbage Bags

First Aid Kit


2 Long Handled Spoons**

1 Large Coffee Pot

* *

*Gruffydd and Marion*

Trash Can

4 Buckets for Firepit

1 Rake

* *

*Vigulf and Bronwen*


Brass Y connector


2 Pavilions

List field poles (and ropes?):

Camp Stove:

Folding Tables (7):

1 Ladle:
Coffee Filter Packs: each coffee drinker brings 1 Box of Maxwell house
filter packs
Coffee Creamer:

1 box Large Lawn Garbage Bags

Personal Rakes:

Root/branch Trimmer:
Citronella: every family brings 1 Gallon
Tiki Torches: Everyone bring as many as possible please

Pan Kazimierz Złowieszczy
Lordy Lord Kaz the Sinister
Kitchen Coordinator, Shire of Loch Ruadh Expeditionary Forces

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