[Loch-Ruadh] In need of hand me downs....

Marilyn Wolffe mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 20 09:47:35 PDT 2011

Last year becuase of unemployment, money issues and legal issues with my ex-husband. The boys and I were unable to praticate/attend more in the events. Most know that my childrens father was killed on christmas eve, So with some of the major hurdules resolved. We have made plans to attend are usally events and maybe a couple of new ones. 
The obustcule now is clothing for the boys-I CANNOT sew. They have grown as boys do.I was inquiring as to handme downs, grab that has been out grown or no longer in use but still serviceable. That the boys may have and wear.

Matthew(Mattiue the Hero) is 11 now and 5'3'' - wears a mens small or 14 in boys.
Daniel(Wolfhart der Grat) is 15 and is 6'2"(skinny as a rail)-wear a mens large in shirts and med in pants.
Mine is old but still fits so I am good, for now.
Many thanks & Welcome back from war to those who went. This may be forwarded/crossposted on to Steppes and Gaslyn. Private contact info below
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MKA Marilyn Wolffe-Stewart
mmdswolffe at sbcglobal.net

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