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this is something I wrote for Stargate's Two Towers.  They have a "who 
is this persona" questionnaire and ask for anyone to send it in.

This is a brief summary of my life written in response to questions from 
the Widow Elspeth from Stargate.

    It is the 1490's, give or take a few years.  I used to live in a 
coastal city in Turkey.  Not much difference in the weather but the 
amenities are somewhat lacking.
    I come from a military family, but my uncle is a merchant and I have 
joined him to exploit...errr, I mean, find new avenues of trade in the 
lands of Ansteorra.
    My parents died some time ago from a fever, brought no doubt by some 
of those foreigners on some sort of crusade.   They should have been 
farther south of my town but they couldn't seem to understand that we 
were not the Saracens but loyal citizens of the Land of the Rus.
    My older brother, Alexi, is a captain in the local militia and is 
doing quite well for himself.  He should make General in no time.
    My next brother is Pieter, a scholar at the University.  He is poor 
but brilliant.  Hopefully he will find a patron soon to help support him 
in his endeavors.
    My younger brother Boris......well, we don't know what has happened 
to him.  He was dropped on his head when he was very young, (my brother 
swears it was an accident) and he was never right afterwards.  We think 
he has found his way to another merchant and is serving aboard a vessel 
working the Black Sea.  I hope all goes well for him.
    Coming to Ansteorra has been the most significant event in my life.  
    The biggest trial in my life so far has been finding out that my 
aunt had deemed it time for me to marry, (acting for my parents since 
their death) and making my south to find my father's brother to see if 
he would allow me to work for him in his trade. Fortunately we still had 
some of Boris' clothes and I was able to disguise myself as a boy for my 
    I, of course, am a woman of the Rus and it will always have a place 
in my heart.  I am also a merchant and must think how this land and it's 
people can benefit our trade.  But above all now, I have pledged faith 
and abilities to the Ansteorran Crown and this I do hold dear.
    Coming to Ansteorra to investigate the trade possibilities for my 
Uncle is the farthest from home I have ever been.
    I admire Earl Ulsted for his generous nature and Countess Cateau for 
her graciousness.  I also admire Sir Alexis for his incredible knowledge 
of everything!
    I despise those crusaders, for their arrogance and their diseases 
they brought to a peaceful town.
Baroness Narkissa Ekaterina Vladimirovna
known to her friends as Katya

Elizabeth Combs wrote:

> Hi!
> This is a reminder that I need all articles for the Serpent's Tale 
> ASAP.  I will take them up till Tuesday.  All articles can be sent to 
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> Thanks!
> Jennette
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