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Take a one gallon glass jug. poor into it 3 lbs of local honey. Fill with water up to where the jug begins to narrow. Drop into jug a handful of raisins, 1 package of active dry bread yeast, and an 1/8 slice of lemon. Open an Earl Grey teabag and drop in a pinch of tea. put a vapor trap lid on your jug. Put it someplace warm and dark. Check once a week or so until the lemon slice drops to the bottom of the jug. This may take a month or several. Once lemon drops, carefully syphon the contents out, leaving whatever is on the bottom undisturbed as it is trash. The mead syphoned out should then sit in a cool dark place for a while. If you like the hard taste, it is ready to drink after a week. if you want something smooooth, let it sit for no less than a year before drinking.
others may tell you to use specialty yeasts and not bread yeast...different yeasts give different tastes and at different speeds. regular bread yeast takes a bit longer to give you that really smooth taste, but does work just as well as the fancy yeasts.
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I am still seeking instruction in the fine art of mead making.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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