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Sorry I have been out of it for a few days.  Sounds good to me, I will be
there.  I will bring the fruit, and spices I think I need buy the honey from
you. Give me a call at 281-244-0217 and let me know the damage so I can
bring it in cash Friday.  
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Sorry not to have responded sooner; I don't check this email as often as I
used to.  (For quicker response, you can always use my JSC account - Matt

Anyway, Elizabeth was correct - we'll be meeting Friday after populace, and
can provide all the loaner gear you'll need to start a batch.  You can
either bring your own honey, or puchase that from us, and if you want to try
a spice or fruit batch, bring those ingredients as well.  The rest we can
cover for now.

If you can't make guild meeting, I can still loan you the gear, and send
instructions, or elaborate on Mahee's, or whatever you need.



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